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AP French language and Culture Curriculum Guide

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The themes:
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.How to type accents on your computer

AP Reading Listening Viewing - Select news type articles/videos/podcasts from the list here or from those posted on our Facebook page. You must summarize A MINIMUM of two per week (in addition to work we are doing in class).

French at Finneytown has a Facebook page - check it out !.......AP Archives (AP 2011-2012)

AP Devoirs.......AP student wiki pages

Required Summer Work

Voulez-vous danser? Voici le Logobitombo ;-)

Le Train de la Vie - La vie est comme un voyage dans un train

Unit 1

Unité 2 - Le Monde du Travail; On cherche un emploi (voir aussi Schaum, pages 174-180 for future tense review)

Unit 3 - Art and Culture/The Artist as Social Activist
To look at

Unit 4: Contemporary Life: Gastronomie

Unité 5 - La Science et la Technologie
conditional and future phrases (If you can do these, you've mastered si clauses;-)


Unité 6 - Environmental Challenges

Unité 7 - Voyages : Martinique and Haiti

Unité 8 - Le Petit Pince

Useful Sites
Fantastic French Resources on the Web
Best French Websites - a treasure trove
Online Dictionary and another one
Everything to know about verbs
Instant Verb Conjugator
Wordchamp Web Reader
How to type accent marks
[http://www.parlez-vous.org/|Lots of French Cultural links]]
Understand France and the French
French History - Some Milestones
la civilisation française - Marie Ponterio's excellent site