Source: Ohio World Languages Model Curriculum

The Language Proficiency Pyramid

Ohio's New Learning Standards: World Languages Grades 9-12
Ohio’s New Learning Standards for K-12 World Languages represent a research-based approach to language learning that prepares learners to use their language proficiency and intercultural competence to communicate effectively in a global society. Their implementation in world language programs around Ohio will help prepare students to be successful in both college and the workplace.
Guidance for using the Standards

Expectations for Learning

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements for Communication :Students can use the Can-Do statements to self-assess their communication proficiency level and to set goals for how to progress to the next level. Teachers can use the Can-Do statements as predictors of proficiency growth and as learning targets and sample activities for units and lessons. The statements can also be personalized to fit specific goals and content.

Proficiency and Research Based Proficiency Targets....ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012

Instructional and Assessment Strategies

Content elaborations : themes, topics, essential questions

Rubrics we will use in class

What are the three modes of communication?
The Interpersonal Mode
The Interpersonal Mode is characterized by the active negotiation of meaning among individuals. Participants observe and monitor one another to see how their meanings and intentions are being communicated. Adjustments and clarifications can be made accordingly.

The Interpretive Mode
The Interpretive Mode focuses on the appropriate cultural interpretation of meanings that occur in written and spoken form where there is no recourse to the active negotiation of meaning with the writer or the speaker.

The Presentational Mode
The Presentational Mode refers to the creation of oral and written messages in a manner that facilitates interpretation by members of the other culture where no direct opportunity for the active negotiation of meaning between members of the two cultures exists.

What about the skills - listening, speaking, reading, writing?
The four skills are embedded within the language modes, which place the primary emphasis on the purpose of communication and the context in which it happens, rather than on any one skill in isolation.