The Evangeline Oak supposedly marks the spot where the legendary heroine of the poem waited in vain for her true love, Gabriel. The statue dedicated to the character Evangeline is located at St. Martin de Tours Church.
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The Myth of Evangeline (Voir aussi Évangéline (mythe d'Acadie)

Marie-Jo Thério - Évangéline paroles

Two Tales of Evangeline *Evangeline Evangeline, traduction françaisAcadian Reminiscences: The True Story of the Acadians (1907) by Felix Voorhies

La chanson «Evangeline, Acadian Queen» , d'Angèle Arsenault,1977, est une suite d'images d'Évangéline qui nous confrontent au monde moderne d'aujourd'hui tandis que nous traversons quelques-unes des régions acadiennes.

Lectures: Le grand dérangement et La Légende des écrevisses

l'Histoire Acadienne
Cyberacadie - l'histoire acadienne au bout des doigts
Grand Pré National Historic Site of Canada and Société Promotion Grand Pré

La Louisiane et les Cadiens- A Bit of History and Culture

La Louisiane - Activités, Liens, etc.

S'informer sur l'état de Louisiane -

Louisiana's Traditional Cultures
Partez a la decouverte de la Louisiane et des acadiens (voir aussi: Fondation de la Louisiane )
Cajun Country (en anglais) Cajun History La Louisiane française

Evangeline le site web (en francais et en anglais; contains a wealth of cultural and historical information about les cadiens)

Encyclopedia of Cajun Life

Acadian Museum and its links

Cajun Jokes

Conseil Pour le Développement du français en Louisiane (CODOFIL)

Zachary Richard chante Reveille ,devenu le chant de ralliement actuel des Acadiens, au Congrès Mondial Acadien en 1994. (paroles )

Acadian and Cajun Acadian Flags
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Streaming audio and video clips on Louisiana culture


(merci aux écoles d'immersion en Louisiane)

Louisiana's French Language Cajun French A History of French in Louisiana and the decline in speakers that led to the creation of CODOFIL
Je Suis Cadien (poeme- extrait)

Zachary Richard - No French, No More


Petit Glossaire Cadien-Anglais-Européen
Cajun-French-English Glossary (presented by Dept. of French, Louisiana State U.; contains some sound files)
Cajun French by Themes
LSU Cajun Pages - contains grammaire and dictionaries
Lexilogos dictionnaire acadien et cadien
The Cajun Bayou Dictionary

Contes et Comptines
Contes et Comptines - La Louisiane

Louisiana Folklore Glossary

Art and Music
Acadian Art Gallery

L'Art de Georges Rodrigue (le chien bleu, etc.)

Meet the Blue Dog (from CBS Sunday Morning

La Légende du chien bleu

Cajun Music at Mulate's in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Legendary Louisiana Musicians

les chanteurs et les artistes acadiens

Cajun musical instruments

Cajun Visits - Trailer

A series of five musical portraits of traditional Cajun master musicians at home in rural southwestern Louisana. The film, where the language spoken is an ever shifting mix of English and Cajun French,subtitled, is a loving tribute to these musicians and their unique musical culture.
View the entire movie stream (appox. 30 minutes) here

Listen Live! More Listen Live Rajun'Cajun

Quelques Chansons: Coeur des Cajuns Acadie a la Louisiane Ma Louisiane

Tit galop pour Mamou - a Cajun folk song with words and music by Dewey Balfa, and performed by Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys.The song’s narrator tells of a trip to the Louisiana town of Mamou, where he sells his mule and wagon for 15 cents to buy candies for children and sugar and coffee for older people.

Where to order Cajun music (and assorted souvenirs)

Manger en Louisiane
quelques renseignements
Cajun Food Cajun Recipes
Online Food Tour
Recettes (du site d'immersion français en Louisiane) :

Trailer for "Raised on Rice and Gravy"

about the film

Cajun Mardi Gras

Cajun Mardi Gras

Trailer - Dance for a Chicken - the Cajun Mardi Gras.

Every year before Lent begins, processions of masked and costumed revelers, often on horseback, go from house to house gathering ingredients for communal gumbos in communities across rural southwest Louisiana. The often-unruly participants in this ancient tradition play as beggars, fools, and thieves as they raid farmsteads and perform in exchange for charity or, in other words, "dance for a chicken."
View full stream movie (appox. one hour) here .

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Oil and Water

BP Oil Imperils Cajun Culture
Cajuns on Gulf worry they may need to move again

Dirty Cajuns - organization of concerned citizens/cleanup