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French Class Information

le monde francophonie...

Madame Theisen's Google Discovery Task for la Francophonie

Laissez les bons temps rouler !

The sounds of French
The Ultimate guide for French pronunciation plus videos

Tips for Language Learners

Why Speak French?


11 Américains célèbres qui parlent français

Want to know the language of the future? The data suggests it could be...French

La déclaration d'amour de CNN à la France

Live the Language

Oui, je parle français! Celebs speaking French....

le français passeport pour le monde

Why learn French (infographic)

Speaking to Le Monde - French is the most practical language to learn!

Which is the best language to learn?
Robert Lane Green recently wrote this piece on language learning, saying: "If I was asked what foreign language is the most useful, and given no more parameters (where? for what purpose?), my answer would be French. Whatever you think of France, the language is much less limited than many people realise."

Bilingual Benefits - is it worth learning French anymore?

Why Finneytown Students Like French:

The importance of learning French in the 21st century

English sayings and words that come from French

Hearing bilingual

Why bilinguals are smarter

Bilingual brains are more healthy

On the Importance of Knowing French ...

France - Language of the Stars (Groups of Famous French speakers - excellent site from TBob Peckham)

A whole wiki page full of information about the benefits of learning French

Some French Trivia:
100 Famous People With French Heritage

Some Famous French Speakers

French Place-Names in the United States

Top Ten Myths about France and French People

Two Centuries of French and American Friendship

French - the most practical foreign language

Some cultural icons of France
France Power Point :

If it were my home - France


French Trivia Game


Some useful sites for all classes:

Best French Websites - a treasure trove
Online Dictionary and another one
Internet Picture Dictionary
ARTFL Project-French/English Dictionary
Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique
Everything to know about verbs
Instant Verb Conjugator
Wordchamp Web Reader
How to type accents on your computer
All kinds of great resources
Excellent general resources (en français)
Advanced Level Resources and Texts
Lots of French Cultural links
Understand France and the French
French History - Some Milestones
texting - in french!

Language variation - listen to the French of France and elsewhere in the francophone world

Comptines pour la prononciation

Some Cool Slang

Grammar Help: Index, Tex's French Grammar

Language Guide - Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading

WorldMapper - a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest.

Free Rice - For every correct answer 20 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program to help end world hunger. Click on choose subject and play in French.

Il Faut Rire !


Favorite Music Clips

Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions Throughout the World

le 14 juillet - Fete Nationale

Bonne Fete a la France ! - Le 14 Juillet en quelques dates

Bonnes Fêtes a tous les français! - blog avec beaucoup de liens, y compris des cartes postales

quiz du 14 juillet

bricolages 14 juillet