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About the media in France
The media in France

Current events in France

Take any article on the internet and insert it into www.wordchamp.com. You can then read along and click on any word for the translation.
See also "Reading on the Internet".

Stratégies pour mieux comprendre des documents vidéos

For a Quick Update on the News/Current Events:
L'Actu en patates - blog avec bandes dessinées
les clés junior
20 minutes.fr
vidéos a la une de TF1
Yahoo France - Actualités
Cafébabel - European news available in several languages
Links for audio and video news podcasts available here

Un journal d'opinions pour les 7-11 ans

France in the U.S. Press

Internet Search Tutorials
Tech and Internet Search Tips (merci to Cherice Montgomery)

Wordchamp Web Reader

Activité -

Activité -

Les Pubs


Unit: Quoi de nouveau?
Reading on the Internet (This site was designed for students in france who are studying Business English, but contains many good suggestions for reading articles in ANY (foreign) language on the internet.)
Yahoo France - Actualités
Le Monde - A la Une (newspaper)
Le Figaro (newspaper)
L'Express (magazine d'actualités)
Les Cles de l'actualité Junior - online news for kids
Francophone Newspapers - large listing
Francophone Magazines -large listing
Maisons Des Médias - (loaded with links to radio, television,cinema, etc.)
Radio France
TV5 (Francophone TV around the world; click on the jukebox to hear music clips and view videos)
TF1.Fr (current French news videoclips)
France 3 la télévision française (entre autres, journal télévisé national et régional en vidéo)
Launch - La musique sur yahoo
E-Compil - music downloads (somewhat limited selecttion, though...) + listen to music extracts

France Pratique
Embassy of France in the U.S.
Le Portail de l'Administration Française - govt. agencies, public services,forms,etc.
France Diplomatie - Images de France
L'Internet Culturel - French Govt. site loaded with information
INSEE - Institut National de la statistique et dddes études économiques - France-
Quid France (chiffres)
Understanding USA (Data)
USA Statistics in Brief
U.S. Census Bureau
SOFRES - sondages d'opinion, marketing studies.....
Canal IPSOS - Banque de sondages
IFOP (Institut Français d'opinion publique)
Harris Poll (U.S.)
Gallup Poll
Public Agenda Online (Public Opinion and Public Policy)
Expatica - English language news briefs for English-speaking expatriate community
Beyond Freedom Fries

Les Présidentielles et le gouvernement
Présidence de la France (official French site) President of the US (official site) Info about US Presidency

U.S. Electoral College

President of the French Republic (Wikipedia article)

Government of France (Wikipedia)

Elections in France (Wikipedia)