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Liberty, Equality, Fraternity- Exploring the French Revolution

Les Philosophes:
John Locke

les trois ordres

3 ordres picture activity

French America Historic Ties:
French help in the American War of Independence
The People of the revolution 1789-1799
Marie Antoinette (facts + bibliography)
Arthur Young, Travels in France
extrait du cahier de doléances
(extract of a third estate cahier de doléance, in English)
Declaration of the Rights of Man (in English)
(more info on Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen) and

Events of the Revolution
Timeline of Events 1789-1799
Glossary of the French Revolution
Symbols of the French revolution
History Wiz Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité Exhibit

La marseillaise, national anthem of france (information + sound )
Ca Ira (popular song of the revolution)
The Sans Culottes movement
The Guillotine
The Guillotine (this site has many pictures)
18th century Art
18th century literature
The French Revolutionary Calendar
symboles de la republique
Symbols of the Republic and Bastille Day

La Marianne
Phrygian cap
The mystery of the lost dauphin(son of Marie Antoinette et Louis XVI)

Some Grammar Practice:
Expressions that indicate the use of imparfait
Une promenade en ville (Decide which: passé composé /imparfait)
Passé composé or imparfait?
Rags to riches - a game to practice future tense
Future tense Battleship
Jeopardy with the Future
Some exercises with future tense
Let's study the conditional..."How to" and exercises
Conditional or Future - Can you tell the difference?
plus que parfait


Trivia Quiz: The French Revolution(en anglais)

French Revolution Symbols Quiz

Connections avec l'art - exercise - Liberté guidant le peuple

Dialoguer avec Marie Antoinette