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The characteristics of a good language learner

The NOT TO DO List for Successful Language Learners

6 ways to simplify your language learning

Proficiency in a language is gained over time. At the end of French I, the goal is to reach a Novice Mid level of proficiency; at the end of French 2, the target goal is Novice high level; at the end of French 3, the target goal is Intermediate Low Level; the goal at end of year 4 is Intermediate Mid to High, and by end of years 5 or 6, some learners may reach Advanced level. See more about language learning and proficiency here.

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Ohio's Learning Standards for K-12 Languages

Ohio's World Language Model Curriculum


General Good Habits for Students:

Les 10 commandements du super écolier

Pour bien commencer la rentrée voici des petits conseils pour rester concentré lorsque vous travaillez, étudiez ou préparez des examens !