French 2 assignment: pdf version:

Use this template for finding info (and for your oral report) :

explorons les regions

Ca Bouge en France - excellent site de TV5

Carte interactive des régions ..carte interactive des regions2... carte interactive des regions3

Les régions (another good link for numerous regions, en français)

Guides de voyage en France

Voyage virtuel

Cuisines des regions - Choisissez vos ingrédients et votre région française.

Autres sites avec des recettes classes par region

France Regional Gourmet specialties

Some videos about the regions:
France- regions/villes – AATF videos

Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the map of regions to see the list of available videos concerning your region...You will find videos on gastronomy, etc, and though they are in French, they will be informative.

Scroll to the bottom of Madame's Travel page and you will also find some videos concerning several French regions.