le drapeau de Québec

Gens du Pays - l'Hymne national de Québec paroles

Mon Pays, C'est l'Hiver

Il me reste un pays

Gens de mon pays

Cowboys Fringants - - Quebecois de Souche paroles

Les Cowboys Fringants - Wikipedia article in English

**History of Quebec with timeline**

**Histoire et culture régionales de Québec**

Le Québec et l'Amérique du nord - un vrai trésor avec beaucoup de ressources

Site touristique du gouvernement de Québec

Traditions et coutumes de Québec, avec exercices...Produits et spécialités de Québec



French Language in Canada

Quebec French Lexicon

The language of Moliere meets the language of Shakespeare

le joual

Blog for learning Québecois French

l'accent québecois - listening/viewing activity

T'es-tu un Québécois de souche? Petit quiz sur le vocabulaire

French Language Threatened, says Québec Solidaire (recent, 2012 article)

Têtes à claque s (link to Madame Sylvia Duckworth's Youtube Playlist of episodes)
Têtes à claques is a humour website whose skits feature characters sculpted from modelling clay .The phrase tête à claques translates loosely as "a face so ugly, you want to slap it." The site is very popular ,not only because of the intentional humour and wit, but also because of the stereotypical Quebec French pronunciation and frequent anglicisms .


**Carnavale de Québec**

Salut Bonhomme! (montage)

Hotel de Glace

La Nature:

**Scenes of Quebec**

Animaux de Québec

The Gulf of St. Lawrence (National Geographic article, 2014)

Les Villes:

Ville de Québec

Une présentation PhotoStory de Montréal préparée par Mme. Catherine Ousselin

Le Hockey

Le Chandail de Hockey --The short story was originally published in 1979 as "Une abominable feuille d'érable sur la glace" by Canadian author Roch Carrier. "The Hockey Sweater" is based on a real experience of Carrier growing up in an isolated part of Quebec in the 1940s. He, like many boys his age, was a big fan of the Montreal Canadiens and their star player, Maurice "The Rocket" Richard. Though a relatively recent story, it has become a very well known work of literature in Canada. It was made into a National Film Board of Canada (NFB) animated short in 1980, known as The Sweater, or Le Chandail. The short is often shown, in both French and English, to elementary school students, making it very well known amongst Canadian youth. The story is widely considered an allegory for the linguistic and cultural tensions between anglophone and francophone Canadians, and an essential classic of Canadian literature. An excerpt from the story is now featured in both official languages of Canada on the reverse of the Canadian five-dollar bill

Packet Chandail + Maurice Richard, y compris le conte Chandail avec exercices:

**Game to practice vocabulary in this story**
**Game- do you know the details of the story?**
**Rags to Riches game**

Animated version by the illustrator of the story written by Roch CarrIer

article in English - The Evolution of the Hockey Jersey

le hockey pour les nuls

The Rocket (Trailer is in english but film is in French and English)
As a young boy from blue collar Quebec, Maurice Richard had a dream to play in the National Hockey League. This is the extraordinary story of the man whose tireless fight on and off the ice ignited and forever changed a generation. Focusing on the struggles of a French Canadian in the National Hockey League dominated by Anglophones, this film is very popular in my French classes..

La Musique:

For teachers- Introducing Québécois history and culture through music

Québec Info Musique

Je me souviens - Coffret commémoratif de la chanson québécoise
(The source for a number of songs from class..You may also search the web under individual artists or song title).

Isabelle Boulay .....Paroles de ses chansons
(son site)

Celine Dion's web site

Garou ...Paroles des ses chansons
(son site)

Les Cowboys Fringants.... Paroles de leurs chansons
(leur site)

Loco Locasse ...... (numerous other sites on the web)
(le site)

Gilles Vigneault - paroles des chansons


CRAC- l'histoire d'une chaise berçante qui devient symbole de la culture québécoise (lire les notes et voir les exercices ici )

un autre site pour ce film:
Film: CRAC ! film notes

Activités: Atelier Crac, avec activités

Imaginez que vous tournez un court métrage d'animation sur votre culture. D'après vous, quel objet, a la manière de la berceuse, représenterait votre culture? Ecrivez un bref scénario.

Aussi de Frederic Back:
Film L'homme qui plantait les arbres

Some Reading/Writing/Pronunciation Activities:
quelques poèmes et comptines (Merci Madame Davara Potel) :


La Chasse galerie (about; in English, with story summary)

La Chasse galerie (legende, en français) version #2

petit film du conte, version anglais

Chanson chasse galerie (Chanson de Claude Dubois avec Éric Lapointe et Garou)

Images of La Chasse Galerie

Des autres Légendes Quebecoises (il y en a plusieurs!)

Légendes Canadiennes (de TV5)


Nelligan - Soir d'hiver

La Grande Séduction (Well known and loved film - a comedy).... activités, questions etc

La grande séduction - Bande Annonce FR by _Caprice_

Recettes de Madame Shackelford (many come from a workshop given many years ago by Mme Davara Potel):

Recettes Québécoises

Top ten foods to eat in Quebec