This portion of the page has been created specifically for foreign language teachers in Clermont County as a follow up to a networking meeting held on November 18, 2008. However, resources here may be of interest to other teachers (and students) as well.

Getting Started with podcasting

new finds -

free sound effects web site

Audio Lingua - mp3s in French, German, Spanish

Multi language podcasts

This handout from ACTFL, 2007 session "Podcasting Projects for Language Classes: What, When, Why and How - Lara Lomicka, Ph.D. ( and Gillian Lord, Ph.D. (" is full of examples, "how to" ideas, rubrics for evaluating podcasts, and more.

Using Audacity to Edit Sound Files

Using All Kinds of Technologies

This portion of the page has been created for CNE students.

Listening to Podcasts
Listen to podcasts! Choose a subject that interests you, and try out several:
Annuaire de Podcasts

Get the News en français
Radio France Journal en français façile

Other news feeds:
Mon JT Quotidien

Learn French with Podcasts - Choose from among the following "lesson" podcasts:
The French Pod Class
Learn French by Podcast
Daily French Pod Beginner Lessons
French Audio Lessons
Learn French with Imagiers
BBC Languages Ma France
Easy Poetry Podcast

Exercises d'écoute en ligne - - Recevez les fichiers MP3 par e-mail tous les 15 jour!

ADODOC - a collection of audio and visual activities centered on French Radio and TV.

Our CNE Podcasts
Mrs. Shackelford's Shared Items in Google Reader
CNE Student Podcasts
French Class Student Podcasts
French Class Audio from GCast
Shackelford Vocabulary Podcasts