Bon Voyage à Paris! eiffelwav.gif

Merci to mon amie, Madame Rauschenberg!

Your Uncle Jasper has just told you that as a gift, he will pay for you and a friend to go to Paris with him while he’s at a conference there. (Uncle Jasper is an internet businessman and has a LOT of money, and no kids of his own.) He’ll be busy all day and into the evening at the conference, but will check on you every night before bed. You’ll arrive in Paris early Thursday morning,and catch an early flight home on Sunday.

Research document:

Paris Powerpoint viewed in class Power Point Notes About Paris (includes lots of info, games, etc.)
The Paris Pages Paris Tourism City of Paris Official Website

Paris Apps...Draw the Eiffel Tower...Make an Eiffel Tower Cake...Paris vs New York - nice graphics

360 degree view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower - nice !

Planning your trip:

• You will list the sights you want to see on the Sights List so you can plan your days.
• You will prepare a Budget so you and Uncle Jasper know how much money you will need.
• You will pack a suitcase, a money belt, and a carry-on bag.

On your trip:

• You will visit your selected sites, taking pictures for your scrapbook
• You will send a postcard to your teacher.
• You will visit a café and a restaurant.
• You may go shopping if you have time.

When you come home:

• You will make a scrapbook with your photos, writing captions to go with each picture.
• You will send Uncle Jasper a Thank-you letter.


As you prepare and take your trip, you may use your notes from class, the travel guide books in the
classroom, the internet, and/or any other resources you can find. You must include a list of resources at
the back of your scrapbook.

See the top of this page for good internet sources.

Handouts: Budget Admission prices café/dinner assignment café Petit Pont assignment online stores for shopping Paris Ecards
Paris Photos An afternoon in Paris Paris crossword Champs Elysees song music for Champs Elysees song in mp3 format

Aux Champs Elysees Karaoke

Joe Dassin - Les Champs Élysées - KARAOKE by juanfrancekaraoke

There will be a written test assessing what you have learned about Paris. It will include being able to identify photos of selected Paris sites.