In this unit we'll examen childhood as a stage of life, read two well known French children's books, and view some well known French films associated with the subject of children. We'll compare childrearing and education in the United States and Francophone areas of the world, with particular emphasis on France, and examine problems children face in contemporary society.

Essential Questions:

1.) Is growing up in France different than growing up in the United States?
2.) How do the media in both cultures depict childhood?
3.) In what ways do child rearing practices and childhood experiences help form one’s personality and shape one’s cultural perspectives?
4.)What types of literature, music and games do French children experience?
5.)What is the difference between “éducation” and “enseignement”?
6.) In the unit video sources, how are “éducation” and “enseignement” portrayed?
7.) What are the most valuable lessons that you have learned from your “éducation” and from your system of “enseignement”?
8.) On what principles are public schools in France and the United States based?
9.) What are the distinct similarities and differences between the French school system and yours?

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